Guests visit hotels in order to revitalize and reduce their stress, walking desks in hotels are becoming a big fascination for guests. Guests visiting hotels can get any of their routine work done at the walking desk available there.

As the walking desk reduces stress and improves your mood, you can work easily and conveniently at the on it with a totally different feel. Walking desks in the hotels are useful for inviting guests as it’s not a very common feature for attracting visitors and additionally it gives them an entirely new experience while working.

Here is your guide to choosing the right equipment from

Choosing the Right Equipment

Putting together a stand up desk or a walking workstation can be a surprisingly daunting affair. Not only is there a dizzying array of options to compare and consider, but on top of that a lot of the components needed to assemble an ergonomically proper standing or treadmill desk run in the hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. With so few places to try these adjustable-height desks, office treadmills, monitor arms, standing mats, and more in person, how is one supposed to find the best equipment for their situation?

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Walking desks increases productivity, promotes a healthy weight for your body, it also reduces any kind of risk for diabetes, it lowers the blood pressure and it helps in maintaining your strong bones. When guests come to hotels and get an extra benefit of health with recreation this fact makes walking desks a great attraction for the guests coming to hotels.
And, here is a post by Dave Greenbaum at about turning your exercise equipment into a walking desk:

The SurfShelf Turns Exercise Equipment Into a Walking Desk

Dave Greenbaum

We’ve talked about the dangers of sitting all day many times before. Standing desks and walking desks are good solutions, but if you want to use gadgets on your elliptical, bicycle, or other exercise equipment, the SurfShelf does it well.

The SurfShelf is a polycarbonate tray that attaches to any piece of exercise equipment to create a shelf to hold your laptop or tablet. Installation is easy, and while not permanent, it’s quite stable (though not easy to move from one machine to another). The specifications say it can hold up to 60 pounds, but you might not want to put a high end Retina MacBook Pro on it due to potential damage by water or sweat.

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Walking desks increases creativity, exercise is directly related to creativity. Guests while relaxing in the hotels boost their energy and stamina with a healthy exercise while working. As it is also said that “all the truly great opinions are considered while walking”.
If you are a nerd, and you happen to be interested in walking desks, then do watch this video by vlogbrothers:

Indeed walking desks are highly useful and beneficial.