Firefighters have dangerous jobs that require the ability to analyze a situation accurately and make quick decisions. Fire departments usually require a minimum education of a high school diploma or an equivalency certificate. However, many new firefighters have an associate degree in fire science or a similar subject. Certificate programs and bachelor’s degrees are also available. Vocational colleges and four-year schools often offer these programs in cooperation with the fire department and its fire academy. Fire science students learn methods of handling hazardous substances, cardiopulmonary resuscitation and first aid. They learn firefighting techniques and fire investigation and prevention.

“Firefighters work together in close quarters throughout a shift. Working in the interest of public safety, firefighters are responsible for rapidly and efficiently performing various duties under emergency conditions. These emergency conditions frequently involve considerable hazard. How does a day-in-the-life of a firefighter look?” Read more here….. 

What the Requirements are to Be a Firefighter 

The first step in a career in firefighting is to find out what the requirements are to be a firefighter in the location where you plan to be employed. If you pass all of these requirements to be a firefighter, you will then be allowed to enter the fire department’s training program. This program is a combination of classroom training and hands-on firefighting exercises. You’ll undergo a certification test at the end of the training which, if passed, will make you an official firefighter.

 “You will need to be 18 years old to start training as a firefighter. Every fire brigade sets its own entry requirements – to find out more about these, contact the chief fire officer’s office for the brigade you’d like to join. Job specific training is usually provided by the fire service. You will be expected to pass physical and medical fitness tests to begin your training.” Read More here

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